Category: Board Games

Happy Hats

Make practicing reading something your children look forward to doing with the Happy Hats board game. In this game, beginning readers can explore different sounds and letter names while putting together words, tuning their reading skills as they go while just having fun. Children will read and play with the characters Dot, Mat, Sam and Mit to keep things fun. In the game, children can create more than 160 words, ensuring that the fun is virtually endless while also assisting with building their vocabulary. The game is ready to be played by 2 to 4 children who are aged 4 and up.Number of players:2-7
Recommended ages:4+
Estimated playtime:15 minutes

Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt

Enjoy a brand new campaign style of classic Dungeon and Dragons games with Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game. In this game, you take on a character of a drow ranger, or you can choose to be one of his fellow adventurers. Together, you will fight against enemies while taking their loot and winning respect from your peers. The game is made to be played by a single player or even five players, making it versatile and endlessly repayable. It can also be used with any other style of Dungeons and Dragons board games to spice things up.Number of players:1-5
Recommended ages:12+
Estimated playtime:60 minutes

Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil

In Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil, classic elements of dungeon crawling and roleplaying games found in standard Dungeons and Dragons games are present with a more intricate story for you to follow. You and as many as 5 players are each taking on the role of a hero who is adventuring through the lands. You can use your spells, abilities and weapons to make your way through the dungeons. There, you will work through different dangers and hazards while also fighting off monsters. The game takes around 1 hour to complete.Number of players:1-5
Recommended ages:14+
Estimated playtime:60 minutes

Dark Souls: The Board Game

Take your love of classic dungeon crawler video games to the next level with Dark Souls: The Board Game. In the game, you work together with your other team members to combat and defeat different enemies on your way to fighting the final boss. There are unique attack patterns that each of the enemies use, and by pinpointing their weaknesses, you can have a better chance of eliminating them altogether. Even if one of your characters die, the game won’t end; you can start over, but it will cost you. The game comes with everything you need to play including 27 detailed miniatures.Number of players:1-4
Recommended ages:14+
Estimated playtime:60-90 minutes

Wishful Thinking

In this game that puts your knowledge and creativity to the test, Wishful Thinking will have you digging through your vocabulary to guess the mystery word that is being suggested before the timer runs out. Your opponents will also place bets on the mystery word they think you will try to guess. The game comes with 320 different questions that are included on 160 double-sided cards as well as the game board, the dice, game pieces and finally the instructions. Wishful Thinking is designed for 2 or more teams or players aged 14 and older.Number of players:2+ players or teams
Recommended ages:14+
Estimated playtime:30-60 minutes

Vikings On Board

In Vikings On Board, you and your friends will play as Vikings that are on a seafaring journey. During the game, you will take advantage of different actions on the board in an effort to help your clan grow and succeed on the journey. The ships are made up into a number of different segments that change depending on the actions you take and between the different ships. The end goal is to be the one whose clan has the most pieces on a ship before it gets ready to sail in order to get the most points.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:30-60 minutes

This Game is Bonkers!

Taking inspiration from the 1978 classic, This Game is Bonkers is a fun blast from the past that introduces the younger generation to classic board games. In the game, players work to build new tracks using the cards that are given, offering virtually endless replay value as these cards will allow you to create unique tracks each and every game. The object of the game is to be the player that wins 12 points. Included are 40 track cards, 2 dice, 4 plastic scoring pegs, 4 plastic tokens and 4 large “go to lose” cards.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:25-45 minutes


In Takenoko, your goal is to cultivate different plots of land and irrigate them in order to begin to grow a variety of bamboo, including pink, yellow and green. You are doing this in an effort to help take care of the Nippon emperor’s giant panda by way of growing a huge bamboo plantation. Every turn, you can see what the weather is like and then make the choice between irrigating land, trying for a new plot, feeding the panda, growing bamboo or drawing an objective card. The player who finishes 7 to 9 objectives and has the highest score wins.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:13+
Estimated playtime:45 minutes


In this timeless game of capture the flag, Stratego pits you and another player against each another to be the first to capture the other team’s intel. The game has classic elements such as red versus blue with the added element of science fiction that makes it even more exciting. Through Stratego Board Game, you can deploy your troops, command your armies and test your strategy skills to see who can outsmart who. The game is great for both experienced Stratego players and beginners alike and is designed for 2 players aged 8 and up.Number of players:2
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:30-60 minutes


A board game with more than 30 years of history, Santorini is a classic game you can learn in 30 seconds that has undergone plenty of development over the years to turn it into something that is more challenging than ever before. Santorini is a pure strategy game that will have you testing the extent of your wits and knowledge to beat the game against all odds. It is designed for play by casual gamers and frequent gamers alike aged 8 and up.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:10-20 minutes