Category: Board Games

The Game of Life

A classic board game, The Game of Life is a game for up to four players in which you move through your “life” and make decisions such as career choices, number of children and more. Make independent choices to see the way your life will turn out. A game of chance, you must navigate through life and try to end up with the best outcome possible. This game can be played by two to four players and is suitable for players aged eight and up. It comes with a spinner, cards, cars, money, Spin to Win tokens and pegs. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 45-60 minutes


Designed for two to four players, the Suspicion Board Game puts you, a jewel thief, in a mansion to sneakily try and snatch up as many jewels as possible. You play against other jewel thieves who are also doing their best to get to the jewels. The goal is to out them publicly while also remaining unknown and getting the jewels for yourself. You will draw different cards to unlock new missions to complete, each one making it harder and harder for you to accomplish your goals. At the end of the game, you must correctly guess which player is which jewel thief based on the actions taken. Number of players: 2-6
Recommended ages: 10+
Estimated playtime: 30-60 minutes


In the game of Sorry! by Hasbro, you draw cards to see how far you can move a pawn. Your goal is to make it around the board and back to the finish line by retreating back into your “home.” In order to win and gain an advantage, you can jump over pawns that belong to other players or knock them off of the board entirely if they are in the way to make sure you make it to the finish line first. The game is for up to four players. It comes with 45 cards, 12 pawns and two power up tokens. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 6+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes


In Sequence by Jax, up to 12 different players place a chip in a game that corresponds with it on the board. The aim is to get five in a row without someone disrupting it while also trying to disrupt other players’ sequences. The first person to get the required number of sequences wins the game. It comes with 135 sequence chips, a folding game board, playing cards and instructions. It is simple for children to play and a fun challenge for adults to master. It is durably built so that you can play it for years to come. Number of players: 2-12
Recommended ages: 7+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes


Immerse yourself in a world where everyone is out to get you and you are out to get them. A game for three to seven players, Salem by Funforge puts each player in control of six citizens alive during the Salem Witch Trials. Three of your players are average citizens while three are witches. The game is separated into two parts: Witch Hunts and Witch Trials that lead up to the execution date. You must find and try the witches while keeping your own witch citizens safe. This game takes anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes to play. Number of players: 3-7
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 90-120minutes


A classic game, Risk by Hasbro is a board game that involves strategy and cunning to win. This game of betrayals and alliances has you placing pieces around a map to occupy those spaces. Players are tasked with attempting to conquer each territory through battle by roll of the dice. Who will be the first to take over the world? Use your cunning to conquer territories by moving troops, building up a powerful army and fighting for the places you want to own. Mission cards and updated figures help keep the game at an exciting, fast pace. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 10+
Estimated playtime: 90-120 minutes


Intended for two to five players, Ra by Z-Man Games puts you and the other players in a race to build your dynasty’s complex civilization before the others can. A game of high-stakes bidding, this game puts you in a place of a royal advisor to the pharaohs found throughout ancient Egypt to help avoid war and other negative outcomes. You want to avoid disasters such as earthquakes, war and drought while invoking the favor of the gods in order to take charge and control the outcomes of fate. This game takes a minimum of 90 minutes to complete. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 45-60 minutes

Pay Day

Payday by Winning Moves Games lets players make deals on different properties while earning money. Players are given a salary and have to pay bills. The person with the most points at the end wins. Two to four players ages eight and up can play at a time. It is designed to be played by family members together on an even level. It is said to only take 15 minutes to be able to play this game. It comes with a game board, a red die, 64 deal and mail cards, loan and savings pads and more. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 45-60 minutes

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

In One Night Ultimate Werewolf by Bezier Games, every player has their own role: a Troublemaker, a Seer or a Werewolf. Each one of them has their own special powers. The cards will each give a power that will help either the werewolf team or the team of villagers. Five minutes are given after each night phase to discuss the events and determine who the werewolf is. When roles change after each round, players have only five minutes to find who the werewolf is. It comes with a mobile app to make it more engaging. There are only a few rules, making it easy for everyone to jump right into the game. Number of players: 3-10
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 10 minutes

Monster Mansion

With 18 unique monsters inside a mansion, the Monster Mansion by Nocturnal Media puts you and your friends in a race to escape the home before the monsters get you. Each time you win, you get gold that can be used for buying helpful items. In between turns, players remain immersed in the game due to the fact that they are shopping for items and helping other players get out of the mansion alive. This game is made with durable materials including thickly cut cardboard room tiles as well as durable, weighty metallic coins. Number of players: 1-8
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 10 minutes per player