Category: Party Games

Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

The adult-oriented Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition is a party game that uses strategy to play through a game with a similar concept to Russian Roulette… instead of guns, you are drawing cards and hoping that you do not draw a card with an exploding kitten on it. If you explode, you are out of the game unless you have a Defuse card. You can also help to defuse kittens with things like belly rubs, laser pointers and catnip sandwiches. This game can be played with anywhere between two to five players or, with more decks, up to nine players. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 16+
Estimated playtime: 15 minutes


All of the best of the best of old and new school party games come together in the DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Game. This board game combines things such as Kings Cup, Beer Pong and Flip Cup, bringing everything you want to one place. It does not need any sort of beer pong table to play and can instead be used on any kitchen table or other surface. It is able to accommodate anywhere between 2 to 12 players and comes with everything you need, including: ping pong balls, dice, a playing deck of cards, a spin-the-bottle bottle and mini beer bottles. Number of players: 2-12
Recommended ages: 16+
Estimated playtime: 20-30 minutes

Draw What?!

With Draw What?!, you’ll be tasked with drawing some raunchy and rather offensive images to win the game. It comes with a dry erase marker and a custom whiteboard for you to draw on. Each time you win, you advance further on the Draw What?! board. The first player to get to the end is the winner, but it’s more about the fun than the victory. There are 75 cards as well as 375 strange and twisted phrases and words for you to draw. Four custom game pieces also come with the game, as well as a timer and dice. Number of players: 4+
Recommended ages: 18+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes

Dirty Diction

With the 450 phrase cards and 50 “All In” cards that are found in the Dirty Diction game, you and your friends can take turns guessing the answers to different idioms and slang words that are for adult entertainment only. To play, you simply draw a card, and from there, you pick a challenge. The timer is set and you have one minute to get your team to guess the correct word. This interactive game is ideal for party situations and not only comes with cards and a timer but comes with four pads of paper and pencils as well. Number of players: 4-20
Recommended ages: 18+
Estimated playtime: 45 minutes


The Bounce-Off Game is a game where players attempt to recreate a pattern that they are given by bouncing the balls into the grid. Each player has a color that they can use, and the first color that is able to complete the pattern is crowned the winner of the round. There are patterns found on the different cards, and all it takes is winning three rounds to be the victor of the game. It comes with nine challenge cards as well as a game grid and 16 balls. It can be played by two to four players. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 7+
Estimated playtime: 15 minutes

Apples to Apples

Mattel Apples to Apples Party in a Box Game is a game that gives players the chance to come up with outrageous answers to unique words and phrases. The judge of the game plays a green card which has a descriptive word found on it, while the players use one of their five red apple cards to play it in order to make the best, winning combination with the green card. The judge will choose which of the player’s answers they like the best, and that person wins the round. It comes with more than 500 different cards. Number of players: 4-8
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes

Watch Ya’ Mouth

In Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition board game, you place plastic pieces in your mouth to open up your lips while trying to say a variety of strange and funny phrases. You must correctly guess what your teammates are saying in order to win the game. Perfect as a family game-night treat or as a party or drinking game, this game also comes with an adult/NSFW expansion that can spice things up when playing among adults. The mouthpieces are both FDA- and CE-certified in order to ensure your peace of mind and safety while playing. Number of players: 3-10
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes


Taboo by Hasbro is a guessing game that you have to play without using certain words. The words are considered “taboo” in that they cannot be spoken. Instead, you have to use harder, vaguer words to describe common objects. The player that gets the most points wins. Because of its endless combination of moves, this game comes with non-stop replay value so that players will never get bored with it. You can use the game tokens that come included in order to give you even more ways to play. It can be played by kids of any age. Number of players: 4+
Recommended ages: 13+
Estimated playtime: 30-60 minutes

Pie Face!

In the Hasbro Pie Face game, you have to turn a knob so many times depending on the number you draw. You score a point for each time you turn the handle that the pie does not splat in your face. To play, put your head in the mask and turn the knob. You can move through the turns and click the knob while hoping that the pie won’t get launched. This game comes complete with one pie thrower, an arm that throws it, a chin rest, two handles, a guard mask, a sponge and a spinner. Number of players: 2+
Recommended ages: 5+
Estimated playtime: 10-15 minutes


In the Jenga Classic Game by Hasbro, you have to build up a tower and then strategically remove pieces one turn at a time. The goal is to keep the tower standing for as long as possible while still removing pieces turn by turn. Play by yourself as a casual, meditative game or with friends at a party. This is a game full of strategy, skill, steady hands and luck. It comes with 54 hardwood Jenga blocks that will outlast many plays. It is a family-friendly game and can be played by children of virtually any age. Number of players: 1+
Recommended ages: 6+
Estimated playtime: 15 minutes