7 Wonders

7 Wonders by Asmodee puts the players in charge of one of the seven great cities that are around in the Ancient World. Each of these leaders must develop commercial roads and routes, gather up resources and build the military. Create your new city and bring to life a new wonder of the world that will outlast centuries to come. 7 Wonders is best suited for a player group ranging in size from three to seven players. In order to win the game by playing it to completion, you must usually dedicate around 30 minutes of your night.Number of players:3-7
Recommended ages:10+
Estimated playtime:30 minutes


Get ready to bank on some of the finest hotels in the world. Acquire by Wizards of the Coast is a game that focuses on putting three to six players in the shoes of powerful real estate professionals. In this game, there are only seven worthy hotel chains out there, and it is your objective to fight against other businesses to capitalize on them by influencing mergers, manipulating the buildings of hotels, trading and more. This strategy and speculation game typically lasts around 60 to 90 minutes and requires great attention to detail and resource management.Number of players:3-6
Recommended ages:12+
Estimated playtime:60-90 minutes


Agricola by Z-Man Games is a turn-based game that puts each player in the role of a farmer. The farmers all live in a wooden house with their spouses but not much more than that. For each turn that the two to five players take, the farmers can only perform two actions: one action for yourself and one action for the spouse that lives with you. By doing so, you create a farm from the ground up and hope to maintain your way of life. This game typically takes around two hours to complete and can be played by the whole family.Number of players:1-5
Recommended ages:14+
Estimated playtime:30 minutes per player


Alhambra by Queen Games is an hour-long board game that is set in Granada. The construction of Alhambra has begun, a combination of a fortress, a palace and a small city all in one place. It is made up of beautiful chambers, towers, pavilions and gardens, and now it is time for you to employ teams of gardeners, stonemasons and more to help build your own Alhambra. Through their help, you can design gardens, construct pavilions, towers and more while racing against the other players to build the most impressive design.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:60 minutes


If you love Dungeons and Dragons-type games but aren’t a huge fan of the roleplaying aspect of them all, try out Munchkin Deluxe. This hit card game is all about competing with friends to pillage dark and dangerous dungeons for magical items, killing monsters along the way with weapons like the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment or the Staff of Napalm and is intended to make you laugh all the while. This deluxe set includes 168 cards, six player cards, a large game board, six standies, die and a rulebook to help you get ready for the ultimate dungeon loot game.Number of players:3-6
Recommended ages:10+
Estimated playtime:60-120 minutes