Costa Rica

Costa Rica by Mayfair Games takes place in Costa Rica, a country full of diverse animals and insects. You play as a part of a team that records wildlife here as they explore it, and every turn, you and other players reveal what is inside of this rainforest. You race to find the most interesting species and can even take credit for the hard work of your team. Avoid harm from these animals and insects as you play to prove that you have what it takes to be the best researcher in the country. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 30-45 minutes


Concordia by Rio Grande Games is set over 2,000 years in the past during the Roman Empire. Many Roman dynasties have expanded through the cities, and your job is to guide one of these factions and claim remote areas of Europe for your own. You can develop your own networks of trade, please the Roman gods and more in order to come out victorious in your endeavors. This game is suitable for two to five players and is solely based on the strategy and wit of each person. This game takes around 90 minutes to play. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 13+
Estimated playtime: 90 minutes


Chinatown by Z-Man Games is set in 1960s New York. Chinese immigrants have just come in huge waves to China town, and each of these immigrants are coming in by the thousands to try and get a piece of the American Dream. You play as a Chinese immigrant in this game with only your savings to help you out. Using your talents, skills and knowledge, you work to obtain the most money that you can to win the game. The Chinatown Board Game is designed for play by two to five players and is an excellent family game. Number of players: 2-5
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 60 minutes

Chicago Express

Chicago Express game by Queen Games is a railroad game based in the 19th century in America during the industrial boom period. Players work to build the most successful railroad business in the country. The struggle comes from financing railroads and making as much of a profit as possible. Players play as investors who are trying to get dividends which are as high as possible, yet the more companies that are vying for that profit, the harder this goal can get. Harness your skills and wit to win the game. This game is for two to six players. Number of players: 2-6
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 60 minutes

Champions of Midgard

Champions of Midgard by Grey Fox Games is a 60 to 90-minute game that uses dice rolling to allow players to lead Viking clans. These clans are stationed at a Viking harbor town fraught with conflict in order to help defend its residents from Trolls and other Norse mythology creatures. Defeating these beasts will gain the favor of the Norse gods. When this game is over, whichever player has the most wins and favor of the gods will be recognized as the clear winner. This game is suitable for two to four players and takes around an hour to complete. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 10+
Estimated playtime: 60-90 minutes


Castellion by Z-Man Games puts players in the center of the constantly growing Oniverse and the castle inside of it. The castle is currently under attack, and as the leader and commander of Castellion, you have to hurry to build up and fortify your castle’s defense system against the attacks of the Menace. By playing one tile at a time, you build towers and other defense systems to help minimize the harm done to your land. You can also attack using your own unique abilities. You must choose which moves are best in order to stay alive and win the game. Number of players: 1-2
Recommended ages: 10+
Estimated playtime: 15 minutes