Category: Board Games

Wit’s End

Full of trivia, riddles and brain teasers, Wit’s End Board Game is designed to test your wits and put your skills to the test. In Teaser mode, you will have to solve different riddles. When you play in Sequence mode, you have to place things in their correct order, including size, weight and year. Odd One Out mode lets you look to see which item does not belong with the other, and Wild Card mode could be a combination of the three or something totally unique. it comes with 1,200 questions surrounding art, geography, history, pop culture, science and more. Number of players: 2+
Recommended ages: 16+
Estimated playtime: 30+ minutes

The G.O.O.D. Game

The G.O.O.D. Game is a game for those who are survivalists at heart. It takes place in a post-economic collapse scenario, and players have to use the proper gear they have collected to make it through the different obstacles in their path as they travel home from their places of work to their bug out bunker. This game is designed for adults and uses sarcasm and humor to keep the mood light. Because of its harsh language and politically incorrect materials, it is only suitable for adults. It can take hours to play. Number of players: 2-6
Recommended ages: 13+
Estimated playtime: 30-60 minutes


Tak is a game that was taken straight out of a novel called The Wise Man’s Fear by Patric Rothfuss. In this game, players attempt to make a line of pieces that connect to different sides of the board. Flat stones, capstones and walls are used. When the stones are laid flat, it makes it possible for other stones to be stacked up on them, but they don’t count as a part of the road. The game is known for its beauty and makes an excellent gift. It is for two players aged 12 and older. Number of players: 2
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 10-30 minutes

Smart Ass

In Smart Ass, players try to be the first ones to call out the answers to the variety of different What, Who and Where Am I questions that are presented with the cards. You can call out the answer, even when it is not your turn, making it important that you are quick witted when playing the game and willing to interrupt. It comes with a game board, six different playing pieces, six different stands, two jumbo dice, 411 question cards and instructions. It can be played by two to six players who are at least 12 years old. Number of players: 2-6
Recommended ages: 12+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes

Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham is a tale of merchants that are doing their best to bring their goods to market. Each player will take a turn playing the sheriff, who has to decide whose bags to inspect and which players can just walk by. Your goal as a merchant is to convince the sheriff to let you in, no matter the cost. The merchant who claims the most wealth at the end of the day will win the game. This game is designed for people of most ages and can be played for hours. Number of players: 3-5
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 60 minutes


Set in an alternate-history 1920s, the Scythe Board Game takes place in a world that is tormented with famine, war and broken hearts but alive with innovation and bravery. In this game, players all represent a fallen leader who is trying to restore their home alongside their honor while leading their own factions to victory in Europe. Players try to take their own territories, grab resources, gain villagers, get new recruits, build structures and take over heavy weapons. This game is made for one to five players at a time and takes around 115 minutes to play. Number of players: 1-5
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 115 minutes

Plague Inc.: The Board Game

A virus, a fungus, an amoeba or an infection–what will you use to infect and kill the entire world? Plague Inc. The Board Game challenges you to try and infect every single person on the planet with a substance that constantly mutates over time. Use strategy to make the substance resistant to cold climates and able to travel through water in order for it to reach as many people as possible. But be careful–scientists will start working to cure the infection while you are working. You also cannot infect people too fast, or they will die before they can infect the rest of the world. Number of players: 1-4
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 60 minutes


Patchwork Board Game challenges players to create beautiful patchwork quilts. These quilts take time and effort, and the players must choose the patches carefully in order to ensure that they all fit together well. Players must also conserve their buttons to ensure that the quilt can be finished on time. Not only this, you must strive to make the quilt prettier than your opponents. Patchwork Board Game can be played by two players at a time. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the game, making it a perfect way to kill a little time in the afternoon. Number of players: 2
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 15 minutes


With the Parcheesi Royal Edition, you are tasked with trying to get to the finish line. This is a revamped version of the classic Parcheesi and comes with upgrades. Move through the space to try and get all of your pawns into the home space in the center of the board. Try to avoid being captured and dodge the blockades so you do not end up getting sent back to your home space. It has a retro feel that will make previous players of this game nostalgic. It is ideal for the entire family but contains small parts. Number of players: 2-4
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes


One of the longest running, classic board games around, you can once again bring your love of Monoply back to life for the whole family to enjoy. This game has been around since 1904 and allows players to try and make a monopoly by buying, tading and renting some of the most famous properties on the planet. You can build houses and buy entire neighborhoods to claim them for your own. You roll dice, move game pieces and spend and save money to try and reach your goal. It comes with a variety of fun movers and other items. Number of players: 2-8
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 60-120 minutes