In Scrawl: the Adult Party Game, you pick one of the 240 phrases that come with the game and work to create ridiculous drawings that are definitely not for children. You begin with a simple drawing and then pass it around to your friends where the drawing becomes even more complicated and raunchier. Once the drawing is complete, you can show it off and try to guess who drew what while gaining points for the funniest inclusions. The game is made for players who are at least 17 years of age or older and can be played by as many as 8 people.Number of players:4-8
Recommended ages:17+
Estimated playtime:30 minutes

Scotland Yard

In Scotland Yard, you play as Scotland Yard’s detective tasked with the case of finding an escaped criminal mastermind before he gets away. You will use travel tickets that will let you chase him down by bus, taxi and the underground. The game leads you through different locations such as Paddington Station, the River Thames and Piccadilly Circus. Try to catch the criminal before he disappears forever and win the game when you succeed. There are 13 total rounds in the game, each player taking action on each turn to escape and chase each another.Number of players:3-6
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:30 minutes

Rush Hour Jr.

A kid-friendly version of the classic Rush Hour game, Rush Hour Junior Traffic Jam will challenge children to move around cars and trucks that are blocking the highway in an effort to clean it up and create a clearer path toward the nearest exit. The game has 40 different brainteasers for you to choose from, each one set to different levels of difficulty that helps children learn important things like planning and logical reasoning skills. The game comes with 15 different vehicles, 40 challenge cards, a board and a bag that makes cleanup and storage easy.Number of players:1
Recommended ages:5+
Estimated playtime:10+ minutes

Redneck Life

Put a hilarious twist on classic board games with this Redneck Life Board Game, a game that moves you through Blue Collar America and puts you through challenges in the working class. In this funny game, you will roll dice to learn things about what grade you finish in school, which will put you in line for 1 of 11 ridiculous career choices. You can use your credits to buy vehicles, buy a home, get married, get a divorce, raise kids and more. The player who ends up with the most teeth remaining in the game is the winner.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:13+
Estimated playtime:60-120 minutes


A winner of more than 20 Best Game awards, the Quiddler Card Game is a fun, simple game that can keep the whole family entertained. In this game, you must work to arrange the different cards you are holding in your hand into a single word or more. The number of cards that you receive will increase with every round, giving you plenty of opportunity. You will start with 3 cards and work your way up to 10. Different cards have different point levels, and creating the words with the most points will help you win the game.Number of players:1-8
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:35 minutes


How ridiculous are you willing to act in order to win a game? Quelf Board Game will put that resolve to the test. In this game, the rules are quite simple: pull a card, read it aloud and then complete the action that the card tells you to do. There are no right or wrong answers—only actions that you must complete. In the game, there are more than 300 cards for you to read from, providing virtually endless opportunities for fun challenges. The games comes with 1 die, a pad of paper, 6 character game pieces, a game board and a timer.Number of players:3-6
Recommended ages:12+
Estimated playtime:30-45 minutes

Power Grid

In Power Grid, you work to bring electricity to the most cities you possibly can. This version of the game allows players to mark different routes that run between the cities, which will lay the path for you to connect the electricity. Work against other players to be the ones to buy the most power plants so that you can supply the most power at once. You must use strategy when buying these, because as each plant is purchased, more powerful plants emerge that might benefit the other players. The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and lasts for around 2 hours.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:12+
Estimated playtime:120 minutes


POW! is a fast-paced, exciting game that challenges the players to create their own comic books by trying to snatch up the best characters, from heroes to villains and beyond. These fun characters will be selected using dice rolls, and you can use the shields and skulls in the game to choose your own tiles from the row. If you roll enough to receive chat bubbles, you can start to steal characters away from other players. The ending score is related to the hero stack minus the villains you have, determining who wins through subtraction.Number of players:2-5
Recommended ages:8+
Estimated playtime:20  minutes

Pop! The Pig

Pop the Pig is a fun game for preschoolers that will have them spinning the wheel to see how many hamburgers they can put into the pig’s mouth. The more they feed him, the bigger the pig gets, and eventually, the pig will burst from being so full. The player who manages to be the one to make the pig pop is the winner. The game is easy to reset by children, letting them enjoy the fun all on their own for as long as they like and helps teach colors, numbers and counting.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:4+
Estimated playtime:10 minutes