Titanic: The Board Game

Relive the journey of the Titanic on a first-hand account with Titanic: The Board Game. This board game puts you back in 1912 aboard the Titanic ocean liner where you will talk to other passengers, collect pieces of personal property and try to move from Second Class to First Class aboard the ship while trying to avoid the less respectable parts of the ship. At the end, you will try to make it to your lifeboat on time before the ship capsizes. The game is made to be played by 2 to 4 players aged 7 years and older.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:7+
Estimated playtime:45-60 minutes

This Belongs in a Museum

In This Belongs in a Museum, you will compete with your fellow archeologists to become the most respected of your field. By taking advantage of different dig sites and connecting them by ocean or by plane, you can navigate through this interesting world and try to collect the most valuable artifacts that you can while outsmarting your opponents at every turn. The archaeologist that ends up with the most dig sites connected at the end of the game is the winner. The game is made to be played by 2 to 4 players and lasts around 30 minutes per game.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:10+
Estimated playtime:20-30 minutes

The Hare & the Tortoise

The classic story of the tortoise and the hair is brought to life in game form with this The Hare and The Tortoise game. In this game, the hare and the tortoise have decided to have a rematch in front of the town. This time, there are more racers trying to cross the finish line first, including the hare, the tortoise, the lamb, the wolf and the fox. Before the animals race, you can bet on who you think will win. Inside of the one-of-a-kind book-shaped box are all of the pieces and cards you will needNumber of players:2-5
Recommended ages:7+
Estimated playtime:20 minutes

The Game of Nasty Things

In The Game of Nasty Things, players will answer the raunchy questions that are asked by writing them down. Technically, there will be no right or wrong answers, but you may still be judged for the terrible things you say. The answers to the questions are then read aloud, and it is your job to try and determine which player wrote which answer. There are more than 250 different topics to write about, ensuring that the fun can go on for hours on end. The game is made for those who are 17 years of age or older.Number of players:4+
Recommended ages:17+
Estimated playtime:45-60 minutes

The Farming Game

In The Farming Game, players start off with 5,000 dollars in debt as well as 20 acres of land to farm. While players get to work selling livestock and planting crops, they can slowly climb out of debt and toward success, given that the weather is on your side. As you develop your farm and make it more sophisticated, you can work to turn it into a successful and independently operated farm that will turn profits for you. This game, while being fun, is also educational as it was developed by a farmer who knows his industry.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:10+
Estimated playtime:45-60 minutes

The Construction Game

A game of building, excavating and more, The Construction Game puts you and your friends in the position of construction bosses and bulldozer operators trying to build on their construction site. Players can buy excavators, scrapers, dozers, backhoes and more, putting them to work for you to bring the structures to life. Earn cash for what you build and sell and build up your construction company over time. The Construction Game is made to be played by 2 and 6 players at a time and takes anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes to play.Number of players:2-6
Recommended ages:10+
Estimated playtime:30-45 minutes


Put a modern twist on the classic game of Telephone with the Telestrations game. In this game, you draw different things that you see and pass them around to see if your friends can guess what it was you were trying to draw. There are more than 1,700 words for you to try to draw as well as 8 different erasable pads for you to draw on with dry erase markers and erasing cloths. The game is great for families and parties, thanks to the ability to be played by many people at once and its casual nature.Number of players:4-8
Recommended ages:12+
Estimated playtime:45-60 minutes

Smash Up

In Smash Up, you are given the chance to create a crazy mix of factions to fight against your opponents in a unique and exciting way. Choose between two factions including classes like aliens, zombies, ninjas, pirates, robots and wizards and then combine them into a one-of-a-kind team. Every pairing you could choose brings with it creative strategies to help defeat your enemies using their unique skills. By shufflebuilding your card deck, you can build the best team with the best skills. The game is designed for 2 to 4 players and lasts for approximately 1 hour.Number of players:2-4
Recommended ages:13+
Estimated playtime:35-45 minutes

Shit Happens

In the Shit Happens Card Game, you’ll be tasked with looking at a variety of downright unlucky and terrible situations while trying to rank them from bad to worse. With a number of different scenarios to have to rank, you will be presented with limitless misfortune for you to rank on a scale of 1 to 100 to determine just how bad they really are using the “misery index.” Whoever guesses close to the misery index number will win the round. The game makes an excellent party game and can be played by many people. It is designed for people ages 18 and up.Number of players:2+
Recommended ages:18+
Estimated playtime:30 minutes