Category: Card Games

The Game of Things

The Game of THINGS is a game where you pick a card, read it to the team and ask the players to respond with the answer they first think of. Read the topics and then write down each of the answers. The fun comes in trying to guess which person gave what answer. It comes with 300 topic cards so that the game will never end. There is a score pad and a response pad as well as eight pencils. Designed for four or more players, game instructions are included and it all comes in a wooden box. Number of players: 4+
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes


The Funemployed board game is a game that simulates job interview questions and answers for ridiculous job positions. The goal of the game is to convince the employer that you are a good fit for the job by giving the best answers. There are Qualification Cards that make things more interesting, and your job is to get as creative as possible with the answers. There are 89 job cards and 359 qualification cards for you to play with; it is likely you will never play the same game twice. It can be played with many players at a time. Number of players: 3+
Recommended ages: 18+
Estimated playtime: 30 minutes

Double Ditto

To play Inspiration Play Double Ditto Family Party Board Game, a player has to pick a card and read it aloud. Then, whoever reads the card has to think of two answers that they think the other players are going to guess. Players try to see if they were able to guess the choices that their opponents chose. It is simple to learn and easy to play, giving you free range over your creativity. The game is perfect for ages 10 and up and can be played by 4 to 10 players. It takes around 25 minutes per game. Number of players: 4-10
Recommended ages: 10+
Estimated playtime: 25 minutes


A super-fast card game that puts your skills to the test, Reinhards Staupe’s BLINK Card Game is a game of matching and speed. The goal of this game is to get two players to try and lay down their matches the fastest. Players can match the count, shape or color on the cards on top of either one of the piles of discarded cards. All of the cards from the draw pile have to be played in order to win the game. The cards are colorful and vivid, making them easy to see at a glance to keep you moving quickly. Number of players: 2
Recommended ages: 7+
Estimated playtime: 2 minutes


Play the UNO Card Game, a game where you try to be the last player standing with only one card left. Race to the end by laying down cards of the same color or number to progress the game. In order to give yourself an advantage, you can play trick cards to mess up the rotation such as by reversing it or skipping someone. You can also lay down cards that are intended to make it harder for friends to win, such as cards that force them to draw extra cards from the pile to keep them further from their goal. Number of players: 2+
Recommended ages: 5+
Estimated playtime: 10+ minutes

Secret Hitler

A game centered around politics, betrayal and deception, Secret Hitler is a game where five to 10 players are divided into two teams in secret: fascists and liberals. Fascists attempt to bring about distrust in the other players in order to get the ‘secret Hitler’ to power. Liberals have to determine who Hitler is and stop him from doing so. Play with virtually as many players as you’d like and work together to determine which of the players is the villain. Laws are enacted from a random deck and fascists have to try and pass these laws. Number of players: 5-10
Recommended ages: 13+
Estimated playtime: 45 minutes

Poop: The Game

In Poop: The Game by Breaking Games, you use cards to fill an imaginary toilet. Some cards in certain combinations will allow you to “flush” the toilet, while others will keep on stacking up until it is clogged. It can be played by as many or as few people as you want. It has been likened to Uno in terms of the style and type of game play. It comes with a variety of cards each with its own color and function that will help you to either get closer to winning the game or set you back. Number of players: 2+
Recommended ages: 5+
Estimated playtime: 10-20 minutes

For Sale

For three to six players ages eight and up, For Sale Card Game by Gryphon Games is about buying and selling properties of different kinds in a race to get the most valuable pieces of land for the lowest price. All of the players work to get the best-valued properties available and try to flip the properties to make even more money off of them as you play. When you do, you get Currency Cards. The goal of For Sale is to try and amass the most money through the Currency Cards at the end of the game. Number of players: 3-6
Recommended ages: 8+
Estimated playtime: 20-30 minutes

Fast Flip

Fast Flip Card Game by Blue Orange is a card-matching game designed for the whole family with up to eight players at a time. You have to flip the cards fast and find the matches. You can match fruits to numbers and vice versa. The game helps kids develop fine motor and perception skills. There is always a correct answer on the table in the Fast Flip Card Game, and your job is to find it before anyone else can. This game comes complete with a total of 54 cards, easy-to-follow rules and 10 tokens. Number of players: 2-8
Recommended ages: 7+
Estimated playtime: 15-20 minutes


Codenames by Czech Games is considered a social word game. You play as two rival spies who are aware of the identities of 25 other agents. You have to compete to see who can contact each agent first. This is done by giving one-word clues to your team. You want to guess words that are associated with your agents and avoid saying words that are associated with the other team. Codenames can be played by between two and eight players who are at least 14 years of age or older. It takes around 15 minutes to complete a game. Number of players: 2-8
Recommended ages: 14+
Estimated playtime: 15+ minutes